Why I left Tradersway back then Go with a Regulated Forex Broker!!!

Forex brokers Choice and why I left TraderswayChoosing Unregulated Forex brokers vs Regulated Forex brokersI was going to go with back to LMFX premium live account next week but since I will keep my word on choosing and staying with regulated brokers I might go back to FX Choice which was my first forex broker!Tradersway manipulates and tries to cover up on their losses by emailing and apologizing their mistakes. They all about taking your money right away, but wen it comes to taking your money out, you can only withdraw what you deposit in. I thought that was messed up. I will never ever go back to Tradersway or a unregulated forex broker. I will only participate in the LMXF demo contest or Crystal Ball Contest for LMFX and not deposit any real money to my live LMFX account since they are not regulated, though I don't have issues with them but I will keep my word on staying withRegulated Forex Brokers ONLY!!!! Thank goodness I left Tradersway 6 months ago after there last hiccup on servers being reset on MT4 ECN systems. I hope this video helps you guys out and I appreciate any positive or negative feedback on why you think Tradersway is legit and worth trading for?!!!! I love to see everyone's opinion on this!!!! Have a fabulous day and catch dem pip$$$

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