Why would you not spreadbet if you live in the UK? 🤔

Why would you not spreadbet if you live in the UK? PLEASE LIKE AND SHARE THIS VIDEO SO WE CAN DO MORE!If you're in the UK you might be familiar with spread betting.Spread betting is basically just trading but in a kind of tax wrapper .For those not in the UK, CFDs would be the nearest thing. With spread betting you are ultimately betting on the direction of the underlying asset like the FTSE, the DAX or the DOW and you're betting in pounds per point move.Why would you not spreadbet if you like in the United Kingdom?1) If you have a strategy which requires direct access to the markets. If you want to put your order between the spread you can only do this with an exchange.With spread betting you can only take the bid or ask.Or you might be trading a market that is very thin.2) If you're using trading for hedging purposes, you might not want a tax free instrument.Because if you incur a loss on your spreadbet you want to be able to offset it as a loss against other gains elsewhere which isn't possible with spread betting.3) If your stock or market is very specific it might not be offered by a spread betting provider if it is not well known or not liquid-enough.Related VideosSpread Betting Course Series



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This video is what I think every single day. I wish I was talented like he people I see on social media.

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I loved the Lost one with the Swan station and the Oceanic 815(I'm a fan).

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This is awesome. I found most of these Easter Eggs and some of them I didn't know what they were until this video... Yay..!!

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I never called anyone a moron and if I did I am sorry, I just pine for a time when GTA took itself less serious, wheres the tanks? Jetpacks? Monster trucks? All the fun stuff I miss isn't there and the gunplay is far quicker and feels like CoD to me I don't like it I hope you and everyone else here will love it. That is all I was saying. :(

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