Why You Lose Money With Robinhood I What I Wish I Knew Sooner

RECOMMENDED BROKER: Mentorship: gotten a lot of requests about brokers lately and thought it was time to share my opinion on Robinhood and why I wish someone had told me not to start with it. As always, these are just my personal opinions and would love to hear what you love and dislike about robinhood and other platforms down in the comments section.

Now I feel it coming back

Amonet Osiris

no me gusto la canción es solo mi opinión

Ps after like 20 seconds of the video I already knew what he was talking about.



paxton cottrell

Love Ezekeil Elliot

No food for 24 hours

7 Figure Dreams

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spoopy scary skeleton

In malaysia guru means teacher so thats it

Aislynn Sommers

10:10 I though the light in the back was Slenderman for a second lol


well done Hope.

Calon Tharet

In between Episodes 3 and 4 (Rogue One timeframe) is so fascinating and I'm glad we get to see more of it. Cant wait for this game to come out

Very much 1 day I saw a white car outside the flat my dad lived in and someone came out the car

Atish Aucharaz


Tay Blixy

T-Jay probably had other moves to make either way this bit 🔥

Raptor Boys


Colin Jones

“Life is what you make it I hope you make a movement I hope your opportunity survives the opportunist”... My favorite Nipsey Line...

Drugz and Medicines

Tyler looks most like his dad

Logan Ranew

what a amazing player who wasted his talent

Phak ka

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UnCreative Deconstructionism

The cake wasnt a lie.

Katie Kizziah

Garret looks exactly like VanGogh . Minus the hair

Pramila Jagdeesh



this is more reminiscent of a psychotic disorder than bipolar disorder. yes you can have psychotic symptoms during a manic episode but i don't think that a situation like this would only be from that.