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Niki Saktor

No way, this is a Thai story? And a Thai person speaking?The person’s English is really good!


they're fat as*holes sittion on the pc wishing they'd do this

dingus butt

Another one of these!

Just your average YouTube subscriber

thought they made a porno

Фильм HD

Тут есть русские ?

Kerem Altun


GodlyGaming - Roblox Gaming

I’ve been there :D

Jake Willoughby-feasey


Logan Salgado

I want a Russian friend because that got that accent and they are pretty tough

Arifatin Afifa

Indonesia subtitel please!!

Saransh Kumar

On the bright side, you look cooler now.


ARROW, Cody my man it's a BOLT

Sub to Pewds

Cats: Meow Meow

Gamemode C

Please can you Do Franco (dictator of Spain) vs Mussilini (dictator of Fascist Italy)

Sherap Thinlay

Tyler is oooossssmmmm

WonhaeTan 1997

Who is also from Puerto Rico?!?!?!?!?!

Michelle Gaudet

I am the human controller


He missed the target building.

Rachna Makka

God bless you

Gacha Princess

My parent is in open relationship too.

Mini Mop

We literally just got the X

Andy D


Oompa Loompa

disliked cause it has seahawks


I have an amazing instructor who taught me how to love myself and showed me skills and talents I didn't know I had. Without him I wouldn't be where I am today.

Hears voice

Kevin Click

8. GTA San Andreas. ahhhhhh my first easter egg. That is my first easter egg that I found and its my favourite.

Logan Craw

Do a giant soccer sport

FruitfulChain22 —

One of those basketballs had a name. His name was Jimmy John Joe the third. He had a good life, but all of a sudden his world was blown up: literally. He now faces the challenge of becoming a golden pack man who tries to fit in with the rest of the 1960's technologie. RIP Jimmy John Joe the thirds career of being a normal basketball. 👊✌️😑

oh wait..

You can't turn AI into a human.

ben bundidsilp


darn it

Gateball trick shot?

Matheus Soares

There is an easter egg in this easter egg video!

Megan Z

when you've felt all these things for the past four years straight

I’m getting better, but it’s still hard to eat and do exercise and wear a lot of my old clothing, but I’m getting better, I swear I am, I’m not as bad as the girl in this video, but it was a very hard part of my life, anyone who’s reading this, your body is gorgeous and lovely, you look beautiful and you need to eat and drink, I love you! And I know lots of other people in your life do to.

Alexandra McAfee

Stephen Curry or Klay Thomson for sure