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Jeremy Miller


Frank Vitucci

Love the rage monster it never gets old

I really appreciate your dedication to these videos!


EVIL DEAD 2 BEST MOVIE SERIES EVER and the main character's name is ashley j williams he's also in the comic book Army of darkness vs Marvel zombies

Zaenudin Anwar


Jessy Jiju


Reina Shmayssani

Nice 👍

IT’z Evil Lol

Anyone else think the beat sounds like lean wit me by juice wrld

Nanda S N

They need bus stand stereotypes if you obey .To garrett.

William Edward Carey

can you do GOT easter eggs pls .^.

Kate Fradgley

My umbilical cord was also wrapped around my neck....

Reynaldo Navarrete

and moms pteradactl pet

Bowman C.

What do you mean a giant pork roll? That’s the regular size people normally make. They just don’t use it up in one go.

Julien Corriveau

it's very cute

Blue Cyber

Pls Nerf this guy



Saftiger Pupi

Bin ich der einzige der hier Deutsch spricht ?

Mirajane Strauss

Oh dear ._. Girl, assumptions are dangerous :/ I'd want to sink into the ground if I was her. Poor dude:0

3% of the comments: If only Valve could count to 3


Where do you get all of your Easter eggs from, do you have other people find them or you??

GGTGamer69 Racer

Tyler will win

killerraptor YT

If this is jeff Bezos fyi your the second richest man u meanr

URBN Survivalist

Bunny from saints row 2 anyone

Daddy First

They could do an anime dialogue with that hang time

Columbine Shooters: HOLD MY BEER

He He

Emma and Grayson ?

worthless :]

dude i relate to this except when he died i’m so sorry:(

Her first attempt she lost it. The second attempt she got my older sister. Then after 4 attempts she got me. Then after one attempt she got my little brother. She never gave up, not for a second.

Louis Nicholas

That boy playing football better than me

Sean Barg

Please go back to the shorter video format. No quesadilla requires a 21 minute video to demonstrate.

broodingveil 803

I showed it to my teacher and he said "you can't trick me i watch jacksfilms".

Sorry for the poor vocabulary


Can you see what happens if you shoot the g-man

Gurple Purple

I thought this was about bulimia



FNAF Films


Like to pull that UNO Reverse card

Saucy_Boi _Yeet

11:25 was the only thing that made me mad

_ Dylannn11 _

Who's watching after 6 years

Sb Montana

Just bought them tears bacc j stone keep grinding nip we love u

Party Gal


anime weeb

Girls can be so stupid so easily eluded

Mack Hoult

team coby

Kurt Baban

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Alex Bea

WTF is with the farting unicorn

Maria Ocura


Candace Haines

This is panda abous

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Last one kinda hit me

Ravez Matthijssen

Golf blind

RAPTORS team slowly turns to dust!