‫طريقة الحصول على توصيات فوركس يومية مجانا من الموبايل Forex Signals‬‎

dir="rtl"طريقة الحصول على توصيات فوركس يومية مجانا من الموبايلForex Signalsميكروتيك العرب للمهندس شادى سوفت يسعدنا زيارتك للمدونة التعليميةالمدونة الخاصة بى..على الفيس بوك..الشخصية على الفيس بوك..للتواصل 01009661565*01223043008


Cool video as always Guru.Keep up with the awesome job you're doing!




why are all these comments like from a couple months ago this came out 5 years ago


t a k e o n m e

eric john lacanlale

Edi woow

urban adrian

How old were you when u played your first game and what game was it?

Subramanian Ponniah

effil tower


Is it just me or this dude has Adam Sandler as his profile picture


I know its 3 years later. And I'm really sorry to ask. But what happened to cods that day? And "the purple hozer"

I’m virtual Planets

Yet he did ask for it you shouldn’t have sent it?

Hameed123 123

Barcelona is my frvot


Cosco is life 😍

Kavita Kanojia

Liked Tyler's golf shot

Marvel fans: This game is going to be awesome

Myles Sheehan

when ever im sad or mad i go watch my fands dude perfect to cher me up

_Hannah Animations_

I wanna know how he was found. ;-;

the youtube plague

5:21 he might be mentally handicapped

Kevin Richardson

“Post up your 6’6”💀🤣

Katie Weissbach

They fight like they are a couple.

C: Kyle Lowry's shoulder

Jessica McMillian

Could you do something addressing Korean skin care? Like maybe trying products, talking about the ingredients?

Ajay Patel

LEGENDARY ; goat Edition


Why did the dad do that


I hate gsw fans. They have no respect.


Talk about sponsors holy crap




Frank Butch

I watch dubs with subs, is that wrong

Code Fac3

Oof. This reminds me of one time.


So we’re not going to talk how Cory predicted the future

Gaming boiboi

Wow, thats a twist, real twisty...

Lindy Crane

You need to fix the stuff!!!


Can you put this in the Q&A :)

Andrew Orduno


Jackson Gordy

please sub to my channel Jackson Max vlogs :) thx

b u b b l e

ponyo = sewoon.

BEAST MODE Toy reviews

I want him to do it!


Fuck you!! infinite Warfare has not even left retarded! jajaja ala mierda el ingles y los gringos :,v


Jen is like the best hype friend ever. 🎉💕

NMgaming 13

what you should race next is a semi truck

Eric Charles

Do a ski race Tyler will not finish first because he’s old

JJ Agler

Dude, can the Christian mom writing this actually gather the balls to share her trash opinions herself instead of using a fictional kid as a facade to make it look like "uwu kids are being bullied for their opinions!!!"

ø ø

Fucking love the mood of your videos



Sofiane Belhenniche

Nice, love it