‫1- خطوات العمل الحر على موقع فرى لانسر و القبض بالدولار how to work on 2019‬‎

dir="rtl"فى سلسلة الفيديوهات دى من "ابسطهالك" كيفية العمل كمستقل على منصات العمل الحر بالاخص موقع فرى لانسر من خلال خبرتى عليه اكتر من سنة و نصاشترك فى القناة بسابسكريب علشان تتابع باقى الفيدوهات و تشوف باقى الفيدوهات من هنا : لينك سجل بياناتك فى اللينك ده و المجال اللى بتشتغل فيه علشان باحتاج ناس كل فترة تشتغل فى مشاريع معايا:لينك ال 20$ بونص على موقع فرىلانسر:لينك جروب الفيس بوك بنتابع في معاكم لو حد عنده اسئلة و بنشارك تداربنااو لو فيه فرص شغل:لو عندك اى سؤال او استفسار اكتبلى فى كمنت هنا او ابعتلى على

Ethangamer 21gamer

This is so cool I want to do it

Jared T

sub-par "comedy".

Malia Victoria


Kevin Brown

The cat's name is moose


I think the reason why everybody is having a difficult time choosing who to play is because these characters look sorta bad ngl. They all just look like a "meh" compared to previous characters.


It worked for everyone but the cops where like, NOPE!

"*my name* is really stupid, She can't even write a chinese essay, how will she get a job and be like her father?"

selina duodo

J we know your good name from Dubai😊

Amari Johnson

Why do rich people never want to spend money but poor people do🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

BradyBG 73

I like Cody’s Golden State Warriors Jersey. 👍🏻

jinat jahan

Make a nuclear typing

David Morrison

Please do a Patrick Mahomes Edition!!!!! Like this so they see it

Theo Dawber

Rip basket ball court

brettg _789

Why would anyone hate this. This was heart warming.

Luinor Bay blade

At ricks house Rick: want an appleMe: sureRick: throws card Me: 💳🍎👱🏼‍♂️Me: Rick!!!

Belin Report

This can be the end of a dynasty... not due to chemistry or ego, but simple circumstance and catastrophic injury (my opinion). The NBA will look completely different after this season. Get ready for a huge shakeup this summer and further.

Tashawna Colbert

$100 is not a lot of money😂


Who else thinks that this was one of the best world cups ever


Why is she so annoying


the stone tablets with seemingly random dashes in them is Morse code

Witnessing Helicopter crash : Ahh shit here we go again


Bai Jrav

Oh my god.


Come to Canada!


This is too funny. Great acting with so many funny references

Katerina Kiriakidi

Very nice. I think you are the new super kings of the youtuber

Shayan Ather

DudePerfect in 2019: When u have done like literally every other trick shot....

Jason Zamora

My cousin hacked PewDiePie

Damian W

where was garret


Come ondude perfect I am just regularly commentingto make CRICKET TRICKSHOTS

Sugar Balloons

Wait is Layla her daughter now

matt hyland

love how hes wearin ovo



Nolan’s Adventures Robertson

I love you guys😀😀

Nevermind. How do you know it wasn't?

GagaTube- The pro


Antoine Lanthier

at the end, time to ruin shit

1.showing them a 'no wifi' sign

Ryn Mckinley

No joke - this thing looks awesome!

Elliot Godinez

Will you get a copyright strike for the ending?

Lillian Kline

Every time I see the scene at 1:40 I get really angry because Harry is literally writing down what Snape is saying (ie. He’s PAYING ATTENTION). Then like a minute later he yells at people for not writing stuff down.

FantasyMonster StumptFan

Poor Panda... Poor poor panda.

Gacha lover 220

And this is exactly why I’m not going to sky dive.


How can you insult it for being fake and then add a load of smiley faces thinking that it will make everything okaay ?!