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Gacha Pro

Imagine if your psychiatrist is watching this

Genderfluid (it’s hard to keep up)

Jelly Gaming

Over the tree dunk!👍🏼

Mercury 20

1,2,3 24!!!

Alien Pig Queen Tomatoes

Gurl I don't take showers for months

Seraphim Senna


love XD

YAY I CAN MEET YOU IN ENGLAND sorry for being creepy if I was

Henry Crouch

So awesome


Nice nod to Agent J and the noisy cricket. 

Cynthia likes Comedy

Wait a sec if they saw the pic that means they went online too see it 😱 that means there pervs

Micila Micillotto

The illuminati ask to the pixar to do that? (illuminati music)


Teacher: okay class, who can answer this question? Hmm, how bout you tea? Go up and answer the question on the board.

Evan Riollano

Do videos more often I check to see if there is a video every day and noting

Kitty Frisk

I’m in sorta the same thing... but with a friend. So basically, she is obsessed with me. She won’t leave me alone! I ALWAYS have to play with her! If I don’t play with her, she always says that I hate her, but I don’t!

Roz Caffrey


I got pretty depressed in 7th grade and was super stressed, this didn’t go away throughout my life. My dad was and is an alcoholic and I hated and still hate it. She was interested and helped me through my seventh grade dilema

CC Predator29

Why these kids


Going back to 0:40. He wouldn't be Captain Cody. He would be, First Officer Cody. If you're a Pilot, or inspiring to be one, then you know what i'm talking about. ;) 

TeaTime Boy

You forgot the hakenkreuz buildings in the us ...

Nom De Plume

Im stuck in a panic attack as we speak and i HATE IT. This is the first one in 10 years. Worst part is i never know if its a panic attack or if im dying until its over and im not dead haha